Gen V
TV-MA | Drama , Action & Adventure , Sci-Fi | September. 28,2023
At America's only college for superheroes, gifted students put their moral boundaries to the test, competing for the university's top ranking, and a chance to join The Seven, Vought International's elite superhero team. When the school's dark secrets come to light, they must decide what kind of heroes they want to become.
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Gen V - Prime Premiere
| Adventure , Drama , Action | September. 27,2023
An edited version of the first two episodes of Gen V, shown exclusively to Amazon Prime members in cinemas around the world in September 2023.
Barefoot Gen
| Animation , Drama , War | July. 21,1983
A story about the effect of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on a boy's life and the lives of the Japanese people.
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Gen Y
| Drama | November. 11,2020
In the world of Y, many relationships might happen from imagination but how many times does that relationship comes from the real world?
Next Gen
PG | Adventure , Animation , Action | September. 07,2018
A friendship with a top-secret robot turns a lonely girl's life into a thrilling adventure as they take on bullies, evil bots and a scheming madman.
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Gen Z
| Drama | May. 14,2023
Ren Xinzheng, a professor at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is dedicated to spreading Chinese medicine. He resigned to set up a traditional Chinese medicine inheritance class, hoping to train successors who can truly pass on the way of Chinese medicine. Unscrupulous Sun Toutou also accidentally joined the mentoring class, and he was at odds with Ren Xinzheng's son Ren Tianzhen, Yang Xiaohong, who had changed his career as a lawyer, Peng Shiyan, a pediatrician at a tertiary hospital, and Zhao Liquan, who wanted to become a famous doctor with the expectation of the whole village, and other students were also incompatible.
Gen Z
| Drama | March. 07,2021
Gen Z is a series which portrays how the younger generation deals with life’s struggles while striving to achieve their ambitions and its impact on their relationships with family and friends.
Gen 13
NR | Animation , Action , Science Fiction | October. 30,2000
Caitlin Fairchild, a teenager offered a place in an institute for gifted children. She soon learns that the school isn't really a school, but rather a military project to turn children with a special genetic structure into super soldiers. After developing incredibly enhanced abilities, Caitlin rebels against the program that created her.
| Action , Thriller , Crime | September. 05,2020
DCP Aditya, a celebrated cop, faces his most unsettling case yet involving a mysterious serial killer who has been brutally killing his targets and leaving behind notes challenging Aditya to nab him. Teaming with Apoorva, an aspiring crime novelist, and the police force, Aditya finds himself walking on thin ice upon discovering the killer has another challenge for him: to prevent four more murders from happening or give up his medals and resign. What he is yet to find out is the killer's past and his desperation to carry out the killing spree without fail.
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TV-14 | Drama , Sci-Fi | November. 03,2009
A re-imagining of the 1980s miniseries about the world's first encounter with an alien race in which the aliens call themselves The Visitors, and have a seemingly friendly agenda that may or may not be a cover for something more malevolent.
TV-14 | Sci-Fi | October. 26,1984
Once again, Earth is the battleground. But now the aliens whose human guise hides their true reptilian natures are wiser. They believe the secret to their survival on Earth lies in the DNA of the newly born half-human, half-spaceling Starchild. But that's something the world's Resistance Fighters cannot allow.
Ben Gen 10
| | April. 10,2021
When Ben meets a young Generator Rex on the run from a hostile Providence, he must work through a series of misunderstandings, and defeat the dark wizard Hex in order to save the world from a malfunctioning Omnitrix infecting the world's human population with alien DNA.
| Adventure , Drama , Action | May. 01,1983
Aliens pretending to be friendly come to Earth and are received openly. The aliens have masqueraded themselves to look just like humans. When it is discovered that the aliens' planet is dying and that they have come to rape the Earth of its natural resources, the war for Earth begins.
TV-PG | Drama , Action & Adventure , Sci-Fi | May. 01,1983
Fifty spaceships, each three miles across, hover ominously above Earth's major cities. The Visitors that emerge are humanlike in appearance and extend the hand of friendship. Our planet's resources are just what these aliens need to survive. And for its future survival, unsuspecting humankind will need... a miracle!

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