Baddies East
| Reality | September. 17,2023
Executive Producer Natalie Nunn, Chrisean Rock, Rollie and more of the OG Baddies are back to show up and show out with newbies like Sukihana and Sky — to take over the East Coast!
Baddies East Auditions
| Reality | June. 18,2023
In this audition special, Executive Producer Natalie Nunn, along with rap star Rubi Rose, reality star Tokyo Toni, and the Baddies West all-stars, help to choose the cast for the next season of Zeus Network's original hit Baddies franchise. Also with special guest, Angela White.
Baddies East Reunion
| Reality | February. 11,2024
After one hell of a season the Baddies return with lots to unpack. Hosted by Nene Leakes and Janeisha John.
Baddies West
| Reality | January. 22,2023
Executive Producer Natalie Nunn returns with the big bad tour bus and even badder Baddies. On this western leg, the ladies will be performing and hosting at some of the most lit clubs the cities have to offer, all while testing their patience and friendships. One thing is for sure: The wild west just got a whole lot wilder!
Baddies South
| Reality | June. 12,2022
The Baddies are back, but this time with some new ladies looking to take the entire Dirty South by storm — in a big ass, decked-out tour bus. Along the way, the ladies will crash in luxurious homes, host and perform at the hottest clubs and parties, tap into the wild and dark side of southern culture and prove why they are the baddest girls around.
Baddies ATL
| | May. 16,2021
Baddies is a reality television franchise produced by Natalie Nunn and Tanisha Thomas as a spin-off of Bad Girls Club series.
| Animation | March. 23,2023
East is an African story were a boy named east tell his parents he wants to be a musician but his parents never wants that fro him they wants him to become a surgeon just like his dad
East Is East
R | Drama , Comedy | May. 14,1999
In 1971 Salford fish-and-chip shop owner George Khan expects his family to follow his strict Pakistani Muslim ways. But his children, with an English mother and having been born and brought up in Britain, increasingly see themselves as British and start to reject their father's rules on dress, food, religion, and living in general.
Where East Is East
NR | Drama | May. 04,1929
A Chinese wife returns to the American family she left behind in Southeast Asia and then moves in on her daughter's (Lupe Velez) beau (Lloyd Hughes).
Baddies Caribbean Auditions
NA | Reality | March. 03,2024
The Baddies continue their worldwide takeover by heading to catch tans and waves as they turn up in the Caribbean!
Baddies West Reunion
| | May. 15,2023
The Baddies put down their keyboards and reunite face to face on stage. Hosted by Stevie J and Janeisha John.
Baddies ATL: The Reunion
| Reality | August. 15,2021
The bad girls of reality tv reconnect to discuss their time in the ATL. Once the cameras stopped rolling there has been a lot said behind each other's back and it's time to get to the bottom of things.
Baddies South: The Reunion
| Reality | September. 25,2022
Hosted by Trina and Janeisha John, the Baddies all reunite for the first time since ending their epic road trip.
Baddies West Auditions
| Reality | October. 23,2022
In this audition special, Executive Producer Natalie Nunn, along with reality star Tommie Lee and Hip-Hop star Sukihana, help to choose the cast for the next season of Zeus Network's original hit series "Baddies West".

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