Ride On Stranger

Ride On Stranger

Ride On Stranger
Ride On Stranger

Ride On Stranger

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Ride on Stranger is a 1979 Australian mini series about a woman in the 1930s.

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Seasons & Episodes

EP4  Bread and Circuses
Aug. 05,1979
Bread and Circuses

Shannon returns to political activity to organize the electoral campaign for her old flame from the Abbey of Human Brotherhood. After years in the city, Shannon becomes disillusioned and seeks to escape, despite two ardent suitors. A crisis in her Aunt Edith's life gives Shannon the excuse to return home, leading to an unexpected and romantic union.

EP3  Peace in Our Time
Jul. 29,1979
Peace in Our Time

Europe, on the edge of disaster, is a world away from Shannon, absorbed in the exciting life of radio. When she encounters the idealism of the Proletarian Movement, she plunges wholeheartedly into their activities, giving it all her time and energy, while her friend Beryl aims for material security. When personal tragedy strikes, Shannon questions the lifestyle she has adopted.

EP2  Saints and Sinners
Jul. 22,1979
Saints and Sinners

Following her Aunt Edith's engagement to a quack healer, Shannon and her friend Beryl move to Sydney. The effects of the Depression are still felt, but after working as a waitress, Shannon is employed by the Abbey of Human Brotherhood, where she falls in love. Dismissed from the Abbey, she starts a new career in the world of radio.

EP1  A Country Girl
Jul. 15,1979
A Country Girl

An oddity amongst her friends and family, sixteen-year-old Shannon is sent to her Aunt Edith's house in a country town, to give her an opportunity in life. There, as unpaid help, she meets a strange array of people and finds two friends; one introduces her to boys, the other to the world of books.

0 | en | Drama

Ride on Stranger is a 1979 Australian mini series about a woman in the 1930s.

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