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Monster High

Monster High
Monster High

Monster High

6.5 | TV-Y7 | en | Animation

Based on the Monster High franchise, Clawdeen Wolf arrives at Monster High with a dark secret. With the help of her friends Draculaura and Frankie Stein, she is able to embrace her true monster heart and save the school from total destruction.

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Seasons & Episodes

EP23  The Shapeshiftian Candidate
Jan. 01,0001
The Shapeshiftian Candidate

Clawdeen organizes a "Get Out to Vote" concert with Catty Noir, but a shapeshifter threatens to ruin the event. Stuck in an alternate dimension, Clawdeen and Romulus must work together to get back to Monster High before the concert.

EP22  Fired Up
Jan. 01,0001
Fired Up

Jealous of Jinafire, Heath tries to outdo her climate activism with a superior Climate Science project.

EP21  Oh Rats
Jan. 01,0001
Oh Rats

Deuce wants to show off his pet rat, Perseus, at the Pet Scare, but when Perseus won't participate, Deuce finds a destructive replacement.

EP20  Gil to the Rescue
Jan. 01,0001
Gil to the Rescue

Inspired by his comic books, Gil takes on a superhero persona at school, but the power quickly goes to his head.

EP19  Ghoulishly Ghoulma
Jan. 01,0001
Ghoulishly Ghoulma

When Spectra's Ghoulma announces that she's retiring to Sarasotaaagh, Spectra sabotages their family haunt to get her to stay.

EP18  Big Paw, Little Paw
Jan. 01,0001
Big Paw, Little Paw

Toralei attempts to mentor a rowdy young werecat, but she soon realizes that she may be teaching her Little Paw the wrong lesson.

EP17  The Deuce Date
Jan. 01,0001
The Deuce Date

Convinced that Deuce is lonely, Lagoona and Heath set him up for an ultra-romantic Heartbeast Night to lift his spirits.

EP16  Science Fear
Jan. 01,0001
Science Fear

Worried for Frankie's safety, their mom reprograms Frankie's latest robot invention to protect them at all costs!

EP15  Dawn of the Dread
Jan. 01,0001
Dawn of the Dread

When Ghoulia's anxiety manifests as a monster, she hurries to get rid of it before and appointment with the school counselor.

EP14  Humans in High School
Jan. 01,0001
Humans in High School

When Barkimedes includes Buddy in a human-themed game at Monster High, Buddy realizes the game is entirely wrong about humans.

EP13  The Babysitters Crypt
Jan. 01,0001
The Babysitters Crypt

When Cleo and Nefera babysit unruly werewolf twins, Nefera must accept that she can learn from her younger sister.

EP12  Vamps Just Wanna Have Fun
Mar. 26,2024
Vamps Just Wanna Have Fun

Draculaura and her mom suppress their competitive nature during game night, but holding back causes its own problems.

EP11  Monster High-jinks
Mar. 25,2024
Monster High-jinks

Toralei struggles without her mom on Family Day at Monster High, so the school itself devises a way to protect her.

EP10  Two-riffic
Mar. 21,2024

Torn between spending time with the Boo Crew or her new friend Venus, Clawdeen decides to magically split into two.

EP9  Fangs for the Memories
Mar. 20,2024
Fangs for the Memories

When Draculaura and Heath find themselves in an alternate dimension where they're seven years old, Draculaura must confort her past.

EP8  The Haunted Sand Castle Caper
Mar. 19,2024
The Haunted Sand Castle Caper

The Boo Crew vacations to the Bermuda Triangle while Dracula considers which Were-Ruler to endorse. Clawdeen investigates a destroyed sandcastle that could change the course of the election and discovers surprises on the island.

EP7  Mixed Up Meowlody
Mar. 18,2024
Mixed Up Meowlody

As Meowlody and Purrsephone prepare to play a Hissfits show, Meowlody must learn that her unique skills are a strength, not a weakness.

EP6  So Chill
Mar. 14,2024
So Chill

Determined to stay "chill", Abbey bottles up her feelings and accidentally freezes her friends.

EP5  How to Scare a Banshee
Mar. 13,2024
How to Scare a Banshee

Clawd and Draculaura fiercely compete to see who can scare Mrs. O'Shriek first and restore her lost banshee scream.

EP4  Mummy in the Mirror
Mar. 13,2024
Mummy in the Mirror

Wanting to gain more followers, Cleo makes a deal with an ancient mirror that tries to take over her life.

EP3  Play It Again, Clawd
Mar. 12,2024
Play It Again, Clawd

Clawd wants to spend a monster holiday, Friday the 13th, with Selena, but a time loop interferes with his plans.

EP2  New Witch in Town
Mar. 12,2024
New Witch in Town

When Draculaura learns that Skelita is also practicing witchcraft, she eagerly shows Skelita the "right way" to be a witch.

EP1  Rule School
Mar. 11,2024
Rule School

Clawdeen finds that balancing school with her new role as Were-Ruler is way more challenging than she thought, as she faces her first big task as Were-Ruler, Clawdeen makes a decision that will shake up the were-world.

6.5 | TV-Y7 | en | Animation , Comedy , Family

Based on the Monster High franchise, Clawdeen Wolf arrives at Monster High with a dark secret. With the help of her friends Draculaura and Frankie Stein, she is able to embrace her true monster heart and save the school from total destruction.

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Gabrielle Nevaeh Green , iris menas , Courtney Lin


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