The Girl from Tomorrow

The Girl from Tomorrow

The Girl from Tomorrow
The Girl from Tomorrow

The Girl from Tomorrow

8 | TV-Y7 | en | Action & Adventure

Alana, a girl from the year 3000, is kidnapped by Silverthorn, a criminal from the year 2500, and brought back in time to the year 1992. While in the past, Alana befriends Jenny, who helps her adapt to life in a time unfamiliar to her, and to find a way back to her own time.

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EP12  Kings Of The Dinosaurs
Sep. 29,1993
Kings Of The Dinosaurs

Alana doesn't know what to do, PJ can't interface with the Rockets navigation system from Earth. They decide to sent PJ up on a Drone (so they can talk to PJ while it's up there) into space using Alana and her Transducer. Alana gets tired very quickly and decides that she can't push PJ that far into space. Jenny suggests a mind link, this is where two transducers are linked together via the blue beam and thus, had the power together to create a strong levitation field. They manage to mind link successfully and send PJ off into space at a fantastic speed. They make contact with the Rocket and PJ interfaces with the onboard computer and just before it hits the peace platform, changes the navigation course. Alana and Jenny put their transducers back on to get PJ down but, it says it's frozen to the space ships surface and the Nuclear warhead has activated and it can't be shut down. The trigger has seven seconds until detonation, PJ's last words are ""Explosive reaction beginning, I've plea

EP11  The Great Disaster Begins
Sep. 22,1993
The Great Disaster Begins

They take the capsule up to the top floor, pretending to be film makers and Alana, Nick and Silverthorn (who now has a water pistol as weapon) take the capsule back to 2500, but he power cells are damaged from the laser fire and it's fast running out of power. They make it to 2500 and are found with the capsule and are captured again. Draco is happy that he now has the time capsule as well. Jenny uses PJ to shut the power down to the building and threatens Draco that he'll be arrested by the mythical 'Time Police'. But it doesn't work and she's captured as well. Silverthorn threatens Draco with his water pistol and Draco thinks it's real, so asks Silverthorn to join him again and help him rule the world. Draco plains to destroy the 'Peace Platforms', satellites in space that let the people on the moon (All the Globecorp bigshots) control Globecorp, with the two nuclear weapons he stole from 1990. Alana realises that if the peace platforms are destroyed, it will kill the entire world be

EP10  In The Nik Of Time
Sep. 15,1993
In The Nik Of Time

Nick explains he took the capsule back to 1990. They go to pick it up at the tip, but the police have impounded it. They go to Jenny's house and tell Jenny's mum, Irene, what happened to Jenny and Pety and James Rooney, Irene's Boyfriend and Jenny's science teacher, uses his licence to get the capsule back off the police. They want to get inside the Globecorp building so they can stop Draco setting off the bombs. They find out that the Globecorp building does exist in 1990 and it's under the name 'Global and Interstellar Research', it is an earlier version of Globecorp.

EP9  Showdown at 'Eddie's Pools'
Sep. 08,1993
Showdown at 'Eddie's Pools'

Nick and Jenny go back to the warehouse and try to stop Draco there. They build a barricade around the TimeGate and Jenny finds PJ. The Barricade doesn't work and Jenny gets captured and Nick runs through the TimeGate just as it's closing. Silverthorn and Alana are stranded in 1990. Jenny is taken back to Globecorp but Nick escapes and uses Loreans palm print open the capsule. Petey is still there and the Globecops jump out, but Nick gets into the capsule and goes back to stop Draco again in 1990. But not before the capsule gets hit by three laser shots. The capsule arrives on a tip in 1990 and Nick runs off to stop Draco. He finally gets to the ware house again but he is to late, and finds Alana and Silverthorn standing there with their mouths open.

EP8  A Chase Through Time
Sep. 01,1993
A Chase Through Time

They go back to Mauve's place and Alana tries to bring Lorean out of the Moddy trance but is unsuccessful. They leave Lorean there and go to Silverthorns via the capsule. Petey presses the stud but stays at the capsule, pretending to hurt his ankle. The rest go to Silverthorn's and find that Draco has gone back to 1990 with Silverthorn already to steal some Nuclear warheads. Alana, Jenny and Nick get through the TimeGate without being seen and find Silverthorn tied up in a chair. He was double crossed by Draco. They accidentally set a bomb off and they use PJ to disarm it but it doesn't work and Alana finds the transducers and levitates the bomb out side the building just as it explodes. Silverthorn teams up with them so he can get Draco back. They leave in a van, going to an American war ship which has the Nukes onboard. They forget about PJ lying under the table where Alana dropped it. They are stopped by the cops, and they split up, Alana and Silverthorn go to get Draco at the warsh

EP7  Escape From Globecorp
Aug. 25,1993
Escape From Globecorp

Petey and Alana send a Drone to Nick's place and tell Jenny that they need her help to get out of Globcorp. Jenny gets the very first Transducer and races off to the Globecorp tunnel with Nick. Draco arrives back and discovers the plan that Alana and Petey are going to escape. Draco tricks Petey into coming with him for a moment and slightly Modds Pety and gives him a watch. He is to press the stud on it when they find the Time Capsule. Alana and Petey then escape to the tunnels under Globcorp and Jenny breaks them out with the transducer.

EP6  The Grandmother Of Invention
Aug. 18,1993
The Grandmother Of Invention

When going back to Nicks place they see the Modded Lorean and they follower her to a waste disposal site. Alana dresses up as a Moddy and tries to free Lorean but instead she goes back to Globecorp with her to try and free both Lorean and Petey at the same time. Jenny cuts her leg on the fence and has to go to Nicks grandmother, Mauve, to get it treated. Alana finds Petey in the Globecorp building, but he has told Draco that he came from 1990 and came through Silverthorns TimeGate. Draco has gone off to make a new deal with Silverthorn. Jenny finds out that Nicks Grandmother was the one who invented the first transducer, and she helped make it work for her. They go back to Nick's and wait for Alana.

EP5  Sucked Into The Future
Aug. 11,1993
Sucked Into The Future

Silverthorn lies to the Manager of Earth Globecorp, Draco, that it's a water Synthesiser and he'll give Draco a 100 litres of water three times a week to keep him happy and quiet about it. Silverthorn is back in business and is using his hide out (which is a warehouse in 1990) to ship water to his time. Petey, Jenny's little brother, sees Silverthorn and follows him into the ware house. He goes home and tries to tell everyone that Silverthorns back. No one believes him, but Jenny follows him back to the ware house anyway. They see Silverthorn there and hide in the swimming pool near the TimeGate. Jenny finds PJ on the side of the pool and puts it on her wrist. Has they start to transport water through the TimeGate via a big inlet pipe, Petey and Jenny get sucked through and end up in 2500. Jenny escapes from the water tank in 2500, but Petey is left in there. Jenny meets up with Alana and Nick just before they are about to pull the building down on the TimeGate, but they don't because

EP4  The Time Gate
Aug. 04,1992
The Time Gate

Alana and Nick find Silverthorn in his hide out testing the new TimeGate. It works, so they decide to go to the area where Silverthorns mansion was in 1990. Silverthorn goes back to 1990 and tells is mate Eddy that they are going in to the water business, shipping water from 1990 to 2500, because water is more precious than gold in 2500. When Silverthorn gets back to 2500, the Globecops are there waiting for him, he gets captured and they take him with the TimeGate back to Globcorp.

EP3  The Other Alana
Jul. 27,1993
The Other Alana

They arrive just before their other selves do and they hide the capsule after Lorean locks the hatch to her palm print.. They follow Their other selves into Silverthorns hide out and after they are captured, they brake their other selves free. Globecops come and find the Alana and Lorean, happy that they sent themselves free, they try to convince the Globecops that all the weapons in the hide out are Silverthorns. They check for ID on their arms and rip PJ off Alana's arm and through it to the ground. They take them away to Globecorp for modification. Lorean gets modded, but Alana escapes and goes back to Nicks. She tries to open the capsule but it won't open because it was locked to Loreans palm print. Nick teams up with Alana and they go and look for Silverthorn. Silverthorn's weapons are all gone in his hide out but they find PJ and tries to get it to play back the holodisk he stole from the year 3000. After a brief argument, PJ plays it back. Silverthorn and his gang loot a Globeco

EP2  The End Of Everything
Jul. 20,1993
The End Of Everything

Silverthorn locks them all up and takes PJ off of Alana. Jenny meets a guy named Nick who is curious to know all about the 1990's, Silverthorn goes after them and Nick helps Jenny to get away. They finally get the capsule back and return Jenny home, only when Lorean and Alana return back to 3000 nothing is the same, something has gone terribly wrong. They then return back to Silverthorn's time. He after all must have something to do with all this...

EP1  A Time Without Vegemite
Jul. 13,1993
A Time Without Vegemite

Jenny is in the year 3000 and has recovered from her injuries fully. Silverthorn meanwhile is claiming he doesn't remember a thing which happened. But things go wrong when Silverthorn gets Alana and Lorean's transducers. He of course, was faking amnesia all along.

8 | TV-Y7 | en | Action & Adventure , Kids , Sci-Fi

Alana, a girl from the year 3000, is kidnapped by Silverthorn, a criminal from the year 2500, and brought back in time to the year 1992. While in the past, Alana befriends Jenny, who helps her adapt to life in a time unfamiliar to her, and to find a way back to her own time.

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Katharine Cullen , Andrew Clarke , John Howard


Ron Saunders

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