The Summer I Turned Pretty
TV-MA | Drama | June. 16,2022
Every summer, Belly and her family head to the Fishers’ beach house in Cousins. Every summer is the same ... until Belly turns sixteen. Relationships will be tested, painful truths will be revealed, and Belly will be forever changed. It’s a summer of first love, first heartbreak and growing up — it's the summer she turns pretty.
The Summer I Turned 15
| Drama | May. 05,1976
The story Peter is telling the about a special summer, when he is invited over to summer holiday from bickering parents, to his aunt and uncle in the country. He's been there before, but this summer was quite one to remember.
NR | Drama , Horror | September. 04,2015
When Jack, a rough and tough vampire slayer, is bitten by his arch-nemesis Monty, he has but one day left to live before he becomes the very thing he has been hunting for most of his life.
When I Turned Nine
| Romance , Family | March. 26,2004
Yeo-min is a matured and thoughtful 9 year old boy who lives in a small mountain village. Even at his young age, he has too many things to take care of. First, he has to protect his friends from the neighborhood bully Black Bird and keep peace in his neighborhood. Second, he must share his lunch with his best friend Ki-jong who lives alone with his sister. And, third, he has to sell ice cream bars after school to save enough money to buy a pair of sunglasses for his mother who injured her eye while working at a factory.
I Feel Pretty
PG-13 | Comedy , Romance | April. 20,2018
A head injury causes a woman to develop an extraordinary amount of confidence and believe she's drop dead gorgeous.
Turned Towards the Sun
| Documentary | October. 16,2012
The astonishing life story of British writer and poet Micky Burn MC.
| | January. 01,1985
The world of this film is divided into two main parts. One is the countryside. In the countryside, animals and humans can converse without separation and everyone lives peacefully and carefree. The other is the city. In the city, people are just making movies, actors are trying hard to become stars, and staffs are trying hard to become directors, and the staff are living desperately to be a star and a director, respectively. In such a world, there is a pure-hearted boy, Shin-chan, who comes to the town to make a movie from the countryside, and Unko, a girl who loves to play the piano. This is the story that befalls them both.
The First Time I Turned Twenty
| Comedy | July. 25,2005
In 1960s France, 16-year-old Hannah Goldman is experiencing a painful adolescence. Her Jewish background and plain appearance make her an object of ridicule, but she has a talent for music and is determined to fulfil her ambition to play in the school jazz band.
Turned at the Pass
| | January. 01,0001
A sheep herder is at the end of his tether as his flock cross unnoticed over a divide.
Summer I Love You
| Drama , Romance | September. 19,2002
Wei Ching claims to have bad karma. Two years after her best friends%u2019 deaths in Thailand, she remains locked in her bedroom, hiding behind various identities while chatting on ICQ, until one day she meets someone online who finally draws her out. Despite being paralyzed from the waist down, Lek harbors no bitterness. His genuinely warm personality touches Wei Ching and they become fast friends.
I Hate Summer
| Comedy | January. 30,2020
Three families end up in the same rented house. Throughout the summer, they become friends and rediscover how to enjoy life.
Pretty Village, Pretty Flame
| Drama , War | May. 11,1996
In the opening stages of the Bosnian War, a small group of Serbian soldiers are trapped in a tunnel by a Muslim force.
Stink Pretty
| | October. 01,2020
A wire artist struggles to sell his work while all along his peers choose to embrace theirs no matter the outcome.
The Kids Turned Out Fine
| Drama , Music | August. 16,2022
This anti-coming-of-age film follows Generation Y characters as they chase the desire for radical self-realisation.

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