The Oblongs

The Oblongs

The Oblongs
The Oblongs

The Oblongs

7.1 | en | Animation

The misadventures of a goofy family deformed by toxic waste.

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Seasons & Episodes

EP5  Father of the Bribe
Oct. 20,2002
Father of the Bribe

Biff and Chip finally get their driver's license -- and end up smashing Bob's car. To make it up to their Dad, the male siblings chip in to buy a new car at an auction.

EP4  My Name is Robbie
Oct. 06,2002
My Name is Robbie

A freak accident at a Globicide-owned amusement park leaves Bob unable to use his mouth. Out of compassion (and at the advice of their lawyers), the people at Globicide build him a robotic suit with limbs that he can use to perform his duties.

EP3  Please Be Genital
Sep. 15,2002
Please Be Genital

When Bob's coworker, James, orders a mail-order-bride on eBay, he throws a bachelor party at a strip club -- which Bob mistakes for a "colonial themed steakhouse." Bob accidentally ends up on stage and a stripper steps on his "family jewels." He goes to the doctor, who says he can't have sex for two weeks.

EP2  Get Off My Back
Sep. 08,2002
Get Off My Back

Everyone is excited about Dump Day -- the day when the Valley people get to loot the stuff the Hill people have thrown away.

EP1  Pickles' Little Amazons
Aug. 25,2002
Pickles' Little Amazons

When Pickles is convicted of being an unfit mother, her punishment is having to do community service -- as the leader of a Girl-Scout-like group called The Little Amazons. When it's brought to her attention that her group is short one girl, Pickles comes up with a solution -- putting Milo in drag.

7.1 | en | Animation , Comedy

The misadventures of a goofy family deformed by toxic waste.

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Jean Smart , Will Ferrell , Pamela Adlon


John W. Hyde

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