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General Hospital

General Hospital
General Hospital

General Hospital

6.6 | TV-14 | en | Soap

Families, friends, enemies and lovers experience life-changing events in the large upstate New York city of Port Charles, which has a busy hospital, upscale hotel, cozy diner and dangerous waterfront frequented by the criminal underworld.

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Seasons & Episodes

EP215  Friday July 12 2024
Jul. 12,2024
Friday July 12 2024

We don't have an overview of this episode, please check back later.

EP214  Thursday July 11 2024
Jul. 11,2024
Thursday July 11 2024

We don't have an overview of this episode, please check back later.

EP213  Wednesday July 10 2024
Jul. 10,2024
Wednesday July 10 2024

We don't have an overview of this episode, please check back later.

EP212  Tuesday July 9 2024
Jul. 09,2024
Tuesday July 9 2024

We don't have an overview of this episode, please check back later.

EP211  Monday July 8 2024
Jul. 08,2024
Monday July 8 2024

We don't have an overview of this episode, please check back later.

EP210  Friday July 5 2024
Jul. 05,2024
Friday July 5 2024

Dante tries to talk Sonny down. Kristina unleashes her anger. Maxie and Brook Lynn strategize. Trina and Josslyn move into their new home. Nina updates Drew.

EP209  Wednesday July 3 2024
Jul. 03,2024
Wednesday July 3 2024

Alexis is confrontational. Josslyn gets upsetting news. Natalia confides in Sonny. Sasha provides perspective. Maxie steps up for a friend.

EP208  Tuesday July 2 2024
Jul. 02,2024
Tuesday July 2 2024

Ava tries to cover her tracks. Blaze is crushed. Sonny meets with Diane. Kristina and Alexis have a heart-to-heart. Natalia is in the hot seat.

EP207  Monday July 1 2024
Jul. 01,2024
Monday July 1 2024

Ava plays dirty. Josslyn comforts Trina. Nina does some eavesdropping. Alexis makes a big move. Jordan shares intel with Drew.

EP206  Friday June 28 2024
Jun. 28,2024
Friday June 28 2024

Carly and Jason clash. Sonny and Natalia get closer. Ava seeks out Laura. Brook Lynn and Chase make a big decision. Blaze has some tough questions for Kristina.

EP205  Thursday June 27 2024
Jun. 27,2024
Thursday June 27 2024

Chase supports Finn. Jason and Danny bond. Dante voices his concerns to Sam. Dex surprises Josslyn.

EP204  Wednesday June 26 2024
Jun. 26,2024
Wednesday June 26 2024

Trina delivers bad news. Ava is on the warpath. Mac visits Cody. Alexis makes a revelation. Gio is alarmed.

EP203  Tuesday June 25 2024
Jun. 25,2024
Tuesday June 25 2024

Jason and Elizabeth discuss their son. Carly opens up to Brennan. Anna makes a discovery. Valentin makes a proposal. Finn suffers a setback.

EP202  Monday June 24 2024
Jun. 24,2024
Monday June 24 2024

Tracy issues an ultimatum. Chase and Brook Lynn seek legal advice. Carly plots a bold move. Molly and TJ have a heart-to-heart. Blaze and Kristina have dinner with Sonny and Natalia where Ava gets an earful.

EP201  Friday June 21 2024
Jun. 21,2024
Friday June 21 2024

Jason faces a big decision. Carly makes a shocking realization. Maxie and Spinelli are concerned. Sam is on the warpath. Tracy fields an emergency.

EP200  Thursday June 20 2024
Jun. 20,2024
Thursday June 20 2024

Carly warns Jason. Sam is livid. Finn lashes out. Nina confides in Maxie. Gio learns more about Trina.

EP199  Wednesday June 19 2024
Jun. 19,2024
Wednesday June 19 2024

Mac Scorpio returns. Cody confides in Tracy. Stella encourages Chase. Alexis gets big news. Natalia and Sonny bond. Brook Lynn ponders her options.

EP198  Tuesday June 18 2024
Jun. 18,2024
Tuesday June 18 2024

Anna accepts an invitation. John throws Jason for a loop. Cody and Sasha get closer. Scott confers with Lucy. Sam makes a request of Carly.

EP197  Monday June 17 2024
Jun. 17,2024
Monday June 17 2024

Carly is suspicious. Drew makes an announcement. Nina gets a thrilling invitation. Alexis confronts Finn. Cody gets food for thought.

EP196  Friday June 14 2024
Jun. 14,2024
Friday June 14 2024

Kristina seeks Alexis's advice. Elizabeth and Chase voice their concerns. Finn is determined. Gio pitches an idea.

EP195  Thursday June 13 2024
Jun. 13,2024
Thursday June 13 2024

Curtis wants answers. Trina confronts Laura. Alexis and Diane wonder what the future holds for Heather. Stella confides in Tracy. Kristina and Blaze ponder their options.

EP194  Wednesday June 12 2024
Jun. 12,2024
Wednesday June 12 2024

Sonny bears gifts for Kristina. Alexis advises Laura. TJ is outraged. Sasha challenges Cody. Carly's hopes are dashed.

EP193  Tuesday June 11 2024
Jun. 11,2024
Tuesday June 11 2024

Chase and Brook Lynn are dismayed. Elizabeth thanks Jake. Anna visits Brennan. Sam pulls a fast one.

EP192  Monday June 10 2024
Jun. 10,2024
Monday June 10 2024

Elizabeth is left reeling. Willow opens up to Michael. Nina has a change of heart. Drew shares his news with Curtis. Tracy offers wise counsel.

EP191  Friday June 7 2024
Jun. 07,2024
Friday June 7 2024

Jake is shocked by what he sees. Elizabeth confides in Stella. Brook Lynn and Chase strategize. Nina gets a welcome surprise. Dex issues an invitation.

EP190  Thursday June 6 2024
Jun. 06,2024
Thursday June 6 2024

Trina has a jarring encounter. Gio starts a new job. Concerns for Finn deepen. Kristina tries to mend fences. Maxie and Spinelli enjoy some family time.

EP189  Wednesday June 5 2024
Jun. 05,2024
Wednesday June 5 2024

Gregory's loved ones say their final goodbyes. Kristina and Molly clash. Blaze struggles in a recording session.

EP188  Tuesday June 4 2024
Jun. 04,2024
Tuesday June 4 2024

Anna makes a horrifying realization. Drew takes Carly by surprise. John threatens to make an arrest. Finn rebuffs Elizabeth. Chase leans on Brook Lynn.

EP187  Monday June 3 2024
Jun. 03,2024
Monday June 3 2024

Anna arrives at the scene of a crime. Sonny gets an earful from Carly. Valentin has a clandestine meeting. Ava cozies up to Natalia. Kristina feels betrayed.

EP186  Friday May 31 2024
May. 31,2024
Friday May 31 2024

Curtis and Portia take on a new mission. Laura is dismayed. Jason's decision angers Sonny. Chase offers reassurance. John grows suspicious.

EP185  Thursday May 30 2024
May. 30,2024
Thursday May 30 2024

Sonny seeks out Dex. Dante and Kristina have a heart-to-heart. Maxie issues an invitation. Molly is frustrated. Michael tells Drew how he feels.

EP184  Wednesday May 29 2024
May. 29,2024
Wednesday May 29 2024

Elizabeth has misgivings. Ava confronts Nina. Josslyn and Trina pursue a move. Brook Lynn affirms her devotion to Chase. Alexis gets the last word.

EP183  Tuesday May 28 2024
May. 28,2024
Tuesday May 28 2024

Sam details her plan to help Jason. Maxie encourages Spinelli. Alexis gets some answers. Jason and Anna exchange info. Carly visits Brennan.

EP182  Friday May 24 2024
May. 24,2024
Friday May 24 2024

Molly and TJ go on a date. Elizabeth can't shake her concern. Portia is conflicted. Cody and Stella support Tracy.

EP181  Thursday May 23 2024
May. 23,2024
Thursday May 23 2024

Carly stonewalls Anna. Alexis has her day in court. Ava offers sympathy to Sonny. Gio makes a move. Kristina shares her fears.

EP180  Wednesday May 22 2024
May. 22,2024
Wednesday May 22 2024

Elizabeth is alarmed. Alexis is thrown for a loop. Dante issues a warning to Sonny. Ava gets key intel. Kristina makes an offer.

EP179  Tuesday May 21 2024
May. 21,2024
Tuesday May 21 2024

Alexis and Diane prepare to present their case. Kristina pleads with Michael. Dex has a big decision to make. Finn faces a difficult task. Sonny seeks Dante's help.

EP178  Monday May 20 2024
May. 20,2024
Monday May 20 2024

Sonny is horrified. Blaze consoles Kristina. Jason summons Carly. Gregory apologizes to Finn. Anna confronts Brennan.

EP177  Friday May 17 2024
May. 17,2024
Friday May 17 2024

Brook Lynn and Chase's wedding festivities continue. Sam ropes Spinelli into a scheme to help Jason. Finn grapples with his concern for Gregory. Kristina witnesses another side of her father.

EP176  Thursday May 16 2024
May. 16,2024
Thursday May 16 2024

Gregory struggles a bit during the ceremony. Friends and family gather at the metro court, ready to celebrate the happy couple.

EP175  Wednesday May 15 2024
May. 15,2024
Wednesday May 15 2024

Tracy gives Brook Lynn something that used to be Lila's. Jason surprises everyone. Kristina and Blaze are taken aback. Josslyn meets Gio, Brook Lynn's cousin and a talented violinist.

EP174  Tuesday May 14 2024
May. 14,2024
Tuesday May 14 2024

Anna goes on a date with Valentin. Gregory and Alexis give each other good advice. Danny has a request for Jason. Drew receives a business proposition. Nina draws a new boundary with Ava.

EP173  Monday May 13 2024
May. 13,2024
Monday May 13 2024

Anna warns Carly. Nina and Willow have a warm moment. Jordan has some unsettling news. Gregory encourages Tracy to attend the rehearsal dinner. Michael and Sasha reconnect.

EP172  Friday May 10 2024
May. 10,2024
Friday May 10 2024

John confronts Jason about Carly. Ava investigates Sonny's medication. Sonny has a proposition for Natalia. Anna checks in with Dex about the PCPD. Josslyn and Dex share a flirty competition.

EP171  Thursday May 9 2024
May. 09,2024
Thursday May 9 2024

Finn and Gregory have a disagreement over his care. Ava feels slighted by Sonny. Natalia tries to find a way to attend the wedding. Jason tells Sam he is working with the FBI. Jordan cautions Laura.

EP170  Wednesday May 8 2024
May. 08,2024
Wednesday May 8 2024

Jason tells Anna what the FBI has on him. Carly tries to get information from Pikeman. Dante breaks some news to Sam. Lois and John catch up. Brooklyn meets up with Chase before the celebrations begin.

EP169  Tuesday May 7 2024
May. 07,2024
Tuesday May 7 2024

Carly eavesdrops on John. Laura visits Heather at Pentonville. Felica warns Anna about Valentin. Sonny meets with Jordan. Willow accepts Drew's offer.

EP168  Monday May 6 2024
May. 06,2024
Monday May 6 2024

Sonny and Natalia comfort each other. Alexis tries to give Kristina some perspective. Dante has a realization. Ava is frustrated.

EP167  Friday May 3 2024
May. 03,2024
Friday May 3 2024

Sonny warns Dante about Dex. Carly has a realization about Sonny. Drew pitches a business project. Josslyn confides in Trina.

EP166  Thursday May 2 2024
May. 02,2024
Thursday May 2 2024

Willow questions her current career. Cody and Sasha have a heart-to-heart about their relationship. Gregory offers Tracy some advice. Lois helps coach Brook Lynn.

EP165  Wednesday May 1 2024
May. 01,2024
Wednesday May 1 2024

Nina is hopeful. Alexis receives a surprise visit from Natalia. TJ has growing doubts about Kristina. Maxie develops a plan. Elizabeth is concerned about Aiden.

EP164  Tuesday April 30 2024
Apr. 30,2024
Tuesday April 30 2024

Jason questions Dex. Natalia shares her issues with Maxie. Sasha seeks comfort with Cody. Drew asks Nina for a favor. Valentin has a proposition for Anna.

EP163  Monday April 29 2024
Apr. 29,2024
Monday April 29 2024

Ava confides in Nikolas. Anna asks Jason to help her investigate Valentin. Drew makes Willow an offer. John confronts Jason. Nina finds herself in a tempting situation.

EP162  Friday April 26 2024
Apr. 26,2024
Friday April 26 2024

Laura tells Sonny she cannot forgive him. Nina shares her concerns with Carly. Finn and Gregory have a disagreement. Molly asks Alexis for help. Sasha receives a surprising proposition.

EP161  Thursday April 25 2024
Apr. 25,2024
Thursday April 25 2024

Jason confronts Sonny. TJ is concerned about Kristina's actions. Drew and Carly share a bittersweet moment. Kristina is worried about Sonny. Trina helps Laura with Ace.

EP160  Wednesday April 24 2024
Apr. 24,2024
Wednesday April 24 2024

Chase and Finn find Gregory in a medical situation. Sam is worried about Danny. Josslyn opens up to Jason. Drew and Jordan enjoy each other's company. Dex has some doubts about joining the PCPD.

EP159  Tuesday April 23 2024
Apr. 23,2024
Tuesday April 23 2024

Brooklyn's bridal shower is in full swing. Tracy lets her guard down. Chase also gets the bachelor party treatment at the hatchet range. A surprise guest shows up at Chase's party. Joss and Kristina go toe-to-toe over Sonny.

EP158  Monday April 22 2024
Apr. 22,2024
Monday April 22 2024

Sonny and Carly have it out. Nina makes a discovery. Sam tells Jason to stay away from Danny. Drew and Willow reconnect. Lois impresses Maxie with her Deception knowledge.

EP157  Friday April 19 2024
Apr. 19,2024
Friday April 19 2024

Jason gives Carly a gift. Nina spars with Drew. Lois and Brook Lynn have a heartfelt talk. Josslyn has a plea for Anna.

EP156  Thursday April 18 2024
Apr. 18,2024
Thursday April 18 2024

Carly and John get closer. Sonny learns that Dex is becoming a cop. Cyrus goes on-the-record to Anna. Lois asks Sonny if he will attend the wedding. Dex takes another step towards his new career. Ava keeps something from Sonny.

EP155  Wednesday April 17 2024
Apr. 17,2024
Wednesday April 17 2024

Trina questions Josslyn and Dex about their relationship. TJ examines Gregory, who provides a sympathetic ear for the expecting father. Brick pays Jordan a visit as she works a late night.

EP154  Tuesday April 16 2024
Apr. 16,2024
Tuesday April 16 2024

Laura and Anna come to a mutual realization. Trina questions Josslyn and Dex about their relationship. Alexis and Finn support each other. Brook Lynn and Chase have an honest discussion about money. Elizabeth opens up to Gregory.

EP153  Monday April 15 2024
Apr. 15,2024
Monday April 15 2024

Carly updates Jason. Tracy receives welcome news. Sonny meets with Drew. John shares his suspicions with Anna. Ava continues to snow Nina.

EP152  Friday April 12 2024
Apr. 12,2024
Friday April 12 2024

Jason wants to give something to Carly. Tracy has a heart-to-heart with Brook Lynn. Sasha finds joy in working in the stables with Cody. Gregory encourages Alexis.

EP151  Thursday April 11 2024
Apr. 11,2024
Thursday April 11 2024

Anna asks Valentin for help. Alexis receives news about her appeal. Curtis suggests a business proposition to Drew. Chase has a surprise for Brook Lynn. Nina gets the wrong idea.

EP150  Wednesday April 10 2024
Apr. 10,2024
Wednesday April 10 2024

Sonny and Jason have a tense meeting. Drew and Nina come to a surprising agreement. Carly begins to see a different side to John. Curtis achieves another milestone. Ava searches for something in Sonny's house.

EP149  Tuesday April 9 2024
Apr. 09,2024
Tuesday April 9 2024

Nina and Drew get into a heated argument. Carly finds John in trouble. Sonny is furious with Jason. Michael and Willow discuss her career. Kristina is disturbed by Ava's behavior.

EP148  Friday April 5 2024
Apr. 05,2024
Friday April 5 2024

Drew chews out John. Lois helps Brook Lynn with a wedding dress crisis. Sonny and Natalia get better acquainted. Kristina and Joss argue. Anna questions Brennan about Pikeman. Sam is worried about Danny.

EP147  Thursday April 4 2024
Apr. 04,2024
Thursday April 4 2024

Terry offers Tracy some advice. Curtis comforts Trina. Josslyn is in shock. Kevin and Laura check in on Heather. Sasha shows off her culinary skills.

EP146  Wednesday April 3 2024
Apr. 03,2024
Wednesday April 3 2024

Chase and Brook Lynn ask Dante for a favor. Finn opens up to Elizabeth about his dad. Sasha and Cody admit their feelings. Blaze fills Kristina in on her new job. Tracy crosses with Stella.

EP145  Tuesday April 2 2024
Apr. 02,2024
Tuesday April 2 2024

Drew checks in on Nina at work. John has a new plan to take down Pikeman. Jason reveals something to Anna. Carly and Michael make confessions. Dex gets interviewed about joining the PCPD.

EP144  Monday April 1 2024
Apr. 01,2024
Monday April 1 2024

Jason visits Elizabeth and Jake. Dante confirms whether or not Jason shot him. Anna put Sonny on notice. Diane helps Alexis with her appeal. Natalia takes over Blaze's deception contract.

EP143  Friday March 29 2024
Mar. 29,2024
Friday March 29 2024

Jason meets with Sonny. Ava and Sonny have a close moment. Anna learns some important information. Valentin makes arrangements. Olivia, Danny, and Rocco rush to Dante's side.

EP142  Thursday March 28 2024
Mar. 28,2024
Thursday March 28 2024

Tempers fly at Jason's arraignment. Carly and Alexis are surprised. Sonny has his doubts. Sam gets some hope. Nina is insistent.

EP141  Wednesday March 27 2024
Mar. 27,2024
Wednesday March 27 2024

Sam and Jason come face to face. Danny and Jake argue. Anna offers a surprising proposal to Dex. Trina makes a heartbreaking confession. Brook Lynn shares a message.

EP140  Tuesday March 26 2024
Mar. 26,2024
Tuesday March 26 2024

Anna is stunned. Carly is determined to get to Jason. Ava comforts Sonny. Curtis is suspicious. Gregory's symptoms become more pronounced.

EP139  Monday March 25 2024
Mar. 25,2024
Monday March 25 2024

Jason tells his story. Elizabeth is overcome with emotion. Stella comforts Trina. Michael is cautious. Jake is furious.

EP138  Friday March 22 2024
Mar. 22,2024
Friday March 22 2024

Jason reaches out to Diane for help. Maxie calls Lucy out. Cody and Olivia comfort each other. Sasha makes a huge decision. Chase and Brook Lynn are stunned.

EP137  Thursday March 21 2024
Mar. 21,2024
Thursday March 21 2024

Drew has a proposition for Nina. A photo shoot at Deception goes wrong. Laura and Heather find some common ground. Willow is worried by her actions.

EP136  Wednesday March 20 2024
Mar. 20,2024
Wednesday March 20 2024

Tracy sees a new side of Cody. Alexis informs Molly about her plans. Natalia has a revelation. Anna makes an admission to John over drinks.

EP135  Tuesday March 19 2024
Mar. 19,2024
Tuesday March 19 2024

Josslyn opens up to Carly. Dex confides in Anna. Sonny offers Natalia some valuable insights. Jason gets a visitor. Brook Lynn lays into John.

EP134  Monday March 18 2024
Mar. 18,2024
Monday March 18 2024

Dex makes a confession to Josslyn. Tracy shares a moment with Sonny. Diane offers encouragement to Alexis. Kevin explains what might have led to Marshall's misdiagnosis. Stella has an unlikely encounter.

EP133  Friday March 15 2024
Mar. 15,2024
Friday March 15 2024

Heather gets medical information; Diane has a proposal for Alexis; Kevin reveals something to Marshall about his diagnosis; Josslyn tries to stop Dex from leaving; Nina humiliates Gregory.

EP132  Thursday March 14 2024
Mar. 14,2024
Thursday March 14 2024

Jason explains where he has been; Lois checks in on Sonny; John asks Carly for help; Sam has trouble hiding her suspicions; Molly speaks to Anna about potential charges.

EP131  Wednesday March 13 2024
Mar. 13,2024
Wednesday March 13 2024

Sonny fears Jason has changed; Michael is in shock; Selina shares information with Curtis; Drew blows off some steam; Jordan has doubts about her career.

EP130  Tuesday March 12 2024
Mar. 12,2024
Tuesday March 12 2024

Drew confronts Carly; Jason asks for a favor; Sam is emotional; Finn assesses Heather; Natalia surprises Blaze.

EP129  Monday March 11 2024
Mar. 11,2024
Monday March 11 2024

Carly reveals the news about Jason to Sonny; John and Anna continue their pursuit; Maxie and Spinelli try to resolve their issues; Sasha offers her support to Cody.

EP128  Friday March 8 2024
Mar. 08,2024
Friday March 8 2024

Carly is taken aback; Nina corners Ava; Sonny gets an update on John's investigation; Michael tries to convince Dex to stay; Alexis vents to Diane.

EP127  Thursday March 7 2024
Mar. 07,2024
Thursday March 7 2024

Sonny and Ava share a loaded moment; Drew and Carly have their hands full; Maxie is stunned; Laura offers comfort; Brook Lynn opens up to Jordan.

EP126  Wednesday March 6 2024
Mar. 06,2024
Wednesday March 6 2024

Anna questions Josslyn and Dex; Olivia and Sonny reconnect; Alexis is apprehensive; Cody and Sasha each make a confession; Spinelli and Ava are in for a shock.

EP125  Tuesday March 5 2024
Mar. 05,2024
Tuesday March 5 2024

Josslyn and Dex are in a frantic situation; Sonny hits a sore spot with John; Anna learns some tragic news; Marshall tells Curtis about his misdiagnosis; Laura acts fast in a crisis.

EP124  Monday March 4 2024
Mar. 04,2024
Monday March 4 2024

Jason returns to Port Charles. Selina and Sonny's negotiation is interrupted. Laura confronts Cyrus.

EP123  Friday March 1 2024
Mar. 01,2024
Friday March 1 2024

Felicia makes a confession. Dante discovers a connection. Anna and John hash out their differences. Sonny and Spinelli loop Ava into their plan. Blaze and Kristina make a revelation.

EP122  Thursday February 29 2024
Feb. 29,2024
Thursday February 29 2024

Dante tries to play peacemaker. Sonny confronts John. Brook Lynn reassures Chase. Lois has it out with Tracy. Finn and Elizabeth discuss their future.

EP121  Wednesday February 28 2024
Feb. 28,2024
Wednesday February 28 2024

Tracy, Lois, and Maxie help Brook Lynn find a wedding dress. Chase needs to clear something up. Carly tells Sonny about her run-in. Joss tries to find Dex. John runs into Scott.

EP120  Tuesday February 27 2024
Feb. 27,2024
Tuesday February 27 2024

Nina tries to defend her actions to Sonny. Drew opens up to Carly. Blaze has a defining moment with her mother. Maxie and Spinelli get closer.

EP119  Monday February 26 2024
Feb. 26,2024
Monday February 26 2024

Sonny has a job for Spinelli. Blaze's mother, Natalia, surprises her with an early visit. Nina seeks Ava's help. Carly is wary of John. Curtis encourages Drew.

EP118  Friday February 23 2024
Feb. 23,2024
Friday February 23 2024

Sam opens up to Elizabeth. Gregory presses Tracy. Sonny makes a big decision. Kristina and Blaze share a romantic evening. TJ is concerned.

EP117  Thursday February 22 2024
Feb. 22,2024
Thursday February 22 2024

Sonny and Selina put their heads together. Maxie and Spinelli share a close moment. Carly and Drew are at odds. John thwarts Anna and Dante. Sasha commends Cody.

EP116  Wednesday February 21 2024
Feb. 21,2024
Wednesday February 21 2024

Ava and Sonny confront their past. Nina makes a revelation to Carly and Drew. Trina encourages Josslyn. Felicia helps Lucy. Spinelli confides in Cody.

EP115  Tuesday February 20 2024
Feb. 20,2024
Tuesday February 20 2024

Anna makes a proposal to Cyrus. Jordan is surprised. Portia is rocked by Curtis's admission. Sonny rebuffs Dante. Valentin counsels Nina.

EP114  Monday February 19 2024
Feb. 19,2024
Monday February 19 2024

Josslyn is determined. Valentin makes an announcement. Tracy feels slighted. Curtis comforts Trina. Stella helps Marshall get answers.

EP113  Friday February 16 2024
Feb. 16,2024
Friday February 16 2024

Sonny issues a warning. Anna, Dante and Jordan strategize. Cyrus tells Laura how he plans to protect Nikolas. Alexis reassures Sam. Ava tries to impart wisdom to Josslyn.

EP112  Thursday February 15 2024
Feb. 15,2024
Thursday February 15 2024

We don't have an overview of this episode, please check back later.

EP111  Wednesday February 14 2024
Feb. 14,2024
Wednesday February 14 2024

Sonny is furious. Maxie confides in Sasha. Curtis and Portia celebrate their anniversary.

EP110  Tuesday February 13 2024
Feb. 13,2024
Tuesday February 13 2024

Dex is in a fraught situation. Carly makes a realization. Ava seeks out a friend.

EP109  Monday February 12 2024
Feb. 12,2024
Monday February 12 2024

Laura and Kevin make an important decision. Gregory confides in Tracy. Carly and Drew discover Nina's plans. Sonny is suspicious of Dex. Trina struggles with her grief.

EP108  Friday February 9 2024
Feb. 09,2024
Friday February 9 2024

Sonny learns about a recent string of mob hits. Carly and Drew discuss his vendetta against Nina.

EP107  Thursday February 8 2024
Feb. 08,2024
Thursday February 8 2024

Chase has concerns. Carly gets an assist from Brook Lynn. Nina has an ask for Martin.

EP106  Wednesday February 7 2024
Feb. 07,2024
Wednesday February 7 2024

Spencer’s family and friends say goodbye. A surprise mourner appears for Esme. Dante is conflicted.

EP105  Tuesday February 6 2024
Feb. 06,2024
Tuesday February 6 2024

Brick expresses his doubts to Sonny. Tracy makes a confession. Martin is surprised.

EP104  Monday February 5 2024
Feb. 05,2024
Monday February 5 2024

Laura intervenes. Alexis feels guilty. Sonny confides in Dante. Scott consoles Lucy.

EP103  Friday February 2 2024
Feb. 02,2024
Friday February 2 2024

Josslyn is stunned; Laura and Sonny bond; Carly meets a new patron; Anna and Jordan set up a meeting; a surprise guest appears at Laura's.

EP102  Thursday February 1 2024
Feb. 01,2024
Thursday February 1 2024

Laura holds out hope; Josslyn, Carly and Felicia try to help Adam; Drew and Michael face the end of their partnership; Lois shares her ideas for Brook Lynn and Chase's wedding; Tracy rises to the occasion.

EP101  Wednesday January 31 2024
Jan. 31,2024
Wednesday January 31 2024

Lois confronts Olivia; Carly reassures her new staff; Tracy has reservations; Ava is frightened; Spencer and Trina find themselves in a precarious situation.

EP100  Tuesday January 30 2024
Jan. 30,2024
Tuesday January 30 2024

Diane's announcement stuns the courtroom; Curtis and Portia make an urgent decision; Spencer makes a discovery; Jordan and Anna question Brennan; Dex alerts Sonny and Ava about a threat.

EP99  Monday January 29 2024
Jan. 29,2024
Monday January 29 2024

Spencer and Trina enjoy a romantic dinner in Paris; Dante and Chase look for Esme; Alexis has news for Laura; Curtis has his first PT session; Finn wrestles with an idea regarding his case.

EP98  Friday January 26 2024
Jan. 26,2024
Friday January 26 2024

Spencer and Trina arrive in Paris. Finn takes the stand at his trial. Laura voices her regrets. Ava and Sonny make plans. Valentin has a proposition for Nina.

EP97  Thursday January 25 2024
Jan. 25,2024
Thursday January 25 2024

Laura, Dante and Chase make an alarming discovery. Sonny advises Alexis. Martin thinks he has positive evidence that can be used in court. Jordan enlists Brick's help. Robert and Diane find themselves at an impasse over Sonny.

EP96  Wednesday January 24 2024
Jan. 24,2024
Wednesday January 24 2024

Curtis throws a bon voyage party for Trina and Spencer. Heather opens up to Laura. Kevin appears to get through to Esme. Kristina learns the result of her pregnancy test. Spinelli accuses Cody of being interested in Maxie.

EP95  Tuesday January 23 2024
Jan. 23,2024
Tuesday January 23 2024

Tracy plays along with Scott. Lucy tries to reassure Martin. Finn is anxious about his upcoming trial. Curtis awaits the results of his examination. Anna is worried about Jordan.

EP94  Monday January 22 2024
Jan. 22,2024
Monday January 22 2024

Laura consults with Dante about legal avenues regarding Ace. Esme visits Heather. Tracy and Scott engage in a battle of wits. Nina reels from Drew's decision. Brook Lynn and Chase have a question for Gregory.

EP93  Friday January 19 2024
Jan. 19,2024
Friday January 19 2024

Carly and Sam discuss the recent changes in Drew. Drew makes a big business decision. Dex comforts Joss. Spencer confesses to Laura. Esme is desperate.

EP92  Thursday January 18 2024
Jan. 18,2024
Thursday January 18 2024

We don't have an overview of this episode, please check back later.

EP91  Wednesday January 17 2024
Jan. 17,2024
Wednesday January 17 2024

We don't have an overview of this episode, please check back later.

EP90  Tuesday January 16 2024
Jan. 16,2024
Tuesday January 16 2024

We don't have an overview of this episode, please check back later.

EP89  Monday January 15 2024
Jan. 15,2024
Monday January 15 2024

We don't have an overview of this episode, please check back later.

EP88  Friday January 12 2024
Jan. 12,2024
Friday January 12 2024

Nikolas shares a moment with Ava. Spencer receives a surprise visitor. Curtis encourages Trina. Dex shows a brave side. Diane and Robert have a disagreement.

EP87  Thursday January 11 2024
Jan. 11,2024
Thursday January 11 2024

Carly and Felicia travel to Amsterdam to tend to the business Bobbie left. Maxie and a reporter sit down with the people of Port Charles to share their memories of Bobbie. Carly dedicates a lovely tribute to her mother.

EP86  Wednesday January 10 2024
Jan. 10,2024
Wednesday January 10 2024

The town of Port Charles mourns the loss of their beloved friend, Bobbie Spencer. Felicia and Carly come together to honor Bobbie. Carly is forced to reckon with her family's past and close her mother's unfinished business.

EP85  Tuesday January 9 2024
Jan. 09,2024
Tuesday January 9 2024

Alexis and Gregory discuss their kiss. Marshall and Stella clash. Trina confides in Stella. Sonny seeks out Carly. Laura takes Esme to the PCPD.

EP84  Monday January 8 2024
Jan. 08,2024
Monday January 8 2024

Carly and Elizabeth bond over Bobbie memories. Maxie and Felicia support each other over Bobbie's death. Josslyn is furious with Michael. Tracy tells Brook Lynn about Scott and Lucy's scheme. Lucy and Scott share a charged moment.

EP83  Friday January 5 2024
Jan. 05,2024
Friday January 5 2024

Felicia and Anna reminisce, Cody comforts Maxie, and Sasha encourages Nina to have faith. Meanwhile, Sam and Drew have an argument, and Dante is in a predicament.

EP82  Thursday January 4 2024
Jan. 04,2024
Thursday January 4 2024

Carly lashes out, Sonny encounters Cyrus at the church, and Joss and Dex find a drunk Adam. Meanwhile, Curtis has a romantic surprise for Portia, and Laura makes a realization about Esme.

EP81  Wednesday January 3 2024
Jan. 03,2024
Wednesday January 3 2024

Michael confesses to Sonny, Drew supports Carly in her time of need, and Tracy starts to put the pieces together. Meanwhile, Willow suspects Michael's ulterior motives, and Ava has a surprised visitor.

EP80  Tuesday January 2 2024
Jan. 02,2024
Tuesday January 2 2024

Carly receives life-altering news, Sonny confronts Michael, and Olivia gets angry with Lois. Meanwhile, Sam grapples with how to co-parent with Drew, and Willow comes to Nina for help.

EP79  Friday December 29 2023
Dec. 29,2023
Friday December 29 2023

Spencer and Trina discuss their future together, Cyrus makes a confession to Nina, and Esme visits Heather in prison. Meanwhile, on New Year's Eve, Lois learns shocking information, and Drew returns home early.

EP78  Thursday December 28 2023
Dec. 28,2023
Thursday December 28 2023

Lucy and Scott execute a plan, Sonny and Alexis have misgivings, and Felicia investigates. Meanwhile, Liz and Finn work on his defense, and Olivia makes a slip of the tongue.

EP77  Wednesday December 27 2023
Dec. 27,2023
Wednesday December 27 2023

Alexis goes over the legalities with Kristina and Molly. Meanwhile, Finn and Chase are worried about Gregory, Sasha warns Cody, and Felicia asks Robert for help.

EP76  Tuesday December 26 2023
Dec. 26,2023
Tuesday December 26 2023

Nina seeks absolution. Spencer and Trina enjoy Christmas Eve together. Ava is alerted. Sonny and Laura look for answers. Esme almost gets caught.

EP75  Friday December 22 2023
Dec. 22,2023
Friday December 22 2023

Friends and family gather at the hospital for the reading of The Night Before Christmas. Kristina makes a case to Molly and TJ. Jordan puts Cyrus on notice. Esme has a holiday gesture for Spencer. Carly is surprised.

EP74  Thursday December 21 2023
Dec. 21,2023
Thursday December 21 2023

Lois and Tracy go head to head. Michael attempts to placate Ned. Anna turns to Kevin for help. Spinelli puts Cody on notice. Dante updates Sonny on the shooter.

EP73  Wednesday December 20 2023
Dec. 20,2023
Wednesday December 20 2023

Stella and Marshall grow closer. Aiden and Elizabeth have a heart to heart. Dex grows concerned about Adam's behavior. Anna and Valentin come to a realization. Laura and Kevin fret about Charlotte.

EP72  Tuesday December 19 2023
Dec. 19,2023
Tuesday December 19 2023

Anna and Dante are in a dangerous situation. Sonny shuts down Cyrus. Carly is in trouble. Nina asks Michael for help. Lucy shares her frustrations with Kevin.

EP71  Monday December 18 2023
Dec. 18,2023
Monday December 18 2023

Kristina's feelings for Blaze grow. Molly and TJ receive bad news. Trina stands up to Esme. Dante and Anna make a discovery. Brook Lynn and Chase get into the holiday spirit.

EP70  Friday December 15 2023
Dec. 15,2023
Friday December 15 2023

Jordan discloses something to Alexis, Blaze is surprised, and Brook Lynn and Lucy have a disagreement. Meanwhile, Sasha gives Cody a gift, and Laura meets with Sonny.

EP69  Thursday December 14 2023
Dec. 14,2023
Thursday December 14 2023

Diane and Robert make a decision about their relationship, Kristina reveals her plans to Sonny, and Carly presses Ava. Meanwhile, TJ has reservations, and Alexis confides in Gregory.

EP68  Wednesday December 13 2023
Dec. 13,2023
Wednesday December 13 2023

Josslyn and Trina make a discovery about Adam, Sonny makes a generous donation, and Alexis is given pause. Meanwhile, Ava tells Nina the truth, and Carly and Donna have a chance run-in.

EP67  Tuesday December 12 2023
Dec. 12,2023
Tuesday December 12 2023

Tracy and Ned reunite, Brook Lynn makes a decision, and Scott reaches out to Obrecht. Meanwhile, Nina ponders a proposition, and Dante finds documents that could help with Anna's case.

EP66  Monday December 11 2023
Dec. 11,2023
Monday December 11 2023

Dex opens up to Josslyn about his past, Violet has some questions for Chase, and Curtis tells Marshall about a possible treatment. Meanwhile, Oliva and Lois are suspicious, and Nina makes an admission to Sonny.

EP65  Friday December 8 2023
Dec. 08,2023
Friday December 8 2023

Anna updates Valentin, Molly and TJ make an offer, and Brook Lynn and Chase have an announcement. Meanwhile, Lois and Oliva get some help from Cody, and Tracy remembers her past.

EP64  Thursday December 7 2023
Dec. 07,2023
Thursday December 7 2023

Dante provides proof to Anna, Carly is intrigued by a customer, and Scott and Lucy reminisce. Meanwhile, Portia informs Curtis about an experimental procedure, and Gregory, Alexis and Violet have an awkward encounter.

EP63  Wednesday December 6 2023
Dec. 06,2023
Wednesday December 6 2023

Elizabeth and Jake open up to each other. Alexis gives legal help to Finn and Martin. Josslyn presses Adam about his family. Spencer and Esme have a tense moment. Dante and Jordan reveal something to Laura.

EP62  Tuesday December 5 2023
Dec. 05,2023
Tuesday December 5 2023

Ava confronts Cyrus, Laura offers Esme reassurance, and Curtis has questions for Sonny. Meanwhile, Blaze opens up to Kristina, and Dante talks to Sam about his discovery.

EP61  Monday December 4 2023
Dec. 04,2023
Monday December 4 2023

Brook Lynn is skeptical, Drew informs Carly and Josslyn about his plans, and Sonny and Nina have a disagreement. Meanwhile, Molly presents TJ with an idea, and Ned confides in Lois.

EP60  Friday December 1 2023
Dec. 01,2023
Friday December 1 2023

Carly has an interesting encounter at Kelly's. Sonny gets a proposition. Ava makes a confession to Nina. Brook Lynn panics from family pressure. Kristina consoles Molly.

EP59  Thursday November 30 2023
Nov. 30,2023
Thursday November 30 2023

Dante has questions for Ava. Dex relays a message to Sonny. Portia gives TJ some advice. Sonny makes plans for Christmas Eve. James enlists Cody's help.

EP58  Wednesday November 29 2023
Nov. 29,2023
Wednesday November 29 2023

Sonny confronts Ava. Martin helps Finn with his legal issues. Maxie opens up to Felicia. Dante and Chase collaborate on an investigation. Gloria gets some help from her family.

EP57  Tuesday November 28 2023
Nov. 28,2023
Tuesday November 28 2023

Dante gets some disturbing news. Alexis has a meeting with Laura. Sam is concerned about Drew's recent behavior. Elizabeth tries to reassure Finn. Molly and TJ disagree.

EP56  Monday November 27 2023
Nov. 27,2023
Monday November 27 2023

Thanksgiving continues in Port Charles, but Sonny senses something off between Anna and Nina. Meanwhile, Marshall worries about Curtis, Gloria shares with Lois that she is in some trouble, and Stella and Portia make a realization.

EP55  Thursday November 23 2023
Nov. 23,2023
Thursday November 23 2023

Lois's mother arrives at the Quartermaines to help with the turkey; Robert has a surprise for Anna; Valentin gently confronts Charlotte; Kristina invites Blaze to Alexis's for Thanksgiving; Sasha and Cody get asked if they are dating.

EP54  Wednesday November 22 2023
Nov. 22,2023
Wednesday November 22 2023

Anna and Valentin have a confrontation; Sonny has an offer for Sasha; Jordan asks for Laura's help; Dante discovers a lead in Anna's case; Alexis is horrified.

EP53  Tuesday November 21 023
Nov. 21,2023
Tuesday November 21 023

Sonny confronts Cyrus; Nina tries to get the truth from Charlotte; Anna is heartbroken; Curtis tells Jordan about his revelation; Drew pays Carly a surprise visit.

EP52  Monday November 20 2023
Nov. 20,2023
Monday November 20 2023

We don't have an overview of this episode, please check back later.

EP51  Friday November 17 2023
Nov. 17,2023
Friday November 17 2023

Laura makes an offer. Robert seeks Felicia's help. Josslyn shares some hard truths with Spencer. Sonny wants answers from Nina. Willow encourages Carly.

EP50  Thursday November 16 2023
Nov. 16,2023
Thursday November 16 2023

Dex cautions Josslyn. Ava lashes out. Cody comes clean. Molly is blindsided. Anna catches up with Sonny.

EP49  Wednesday November 15 2023
Nov. 15,2023
Wednesday November 15 2023

TJ is left reeling. Marshall and Curtis connect. Cyrus issues a warning. Diane vents to Alexis. Maxie makes a surprise announcement.

EP48  Tuesday November 14 2023
Nov. 14,2023
Tuesday November 14 2023

Ava counsels Trina. Dante interrogates Austin. Carly seeks out Sonny. Spencer makes a plea to Esme. Finn gets bad news.

EP47  Monday November 13 2023
Nov. 13,2023
Monday November 13 2023

Brook Lynn and Lois strategize. Nina unleashes her fury. Anna briefs Jordan and Dante. Gregory opens up to Chase. Michael is caught off-guard.

EP46  Friday November 10 2023
Nov. 10,2023
Friday November 10 2023

Alexis and Blaze get acquainted. Trina doesn't mince words. Elizabeth vents to Laura. Anna is blindsided. Olivia has reason to celebrate.

EP45  Thursday November 9 2023
Nov. 09,2023
Thursday November 9 2023

Olivia jumps to action. Lois cautions Brook Lynn. Spencer feels betrayed. Dante briefs Anna and Sonny. Valentin treads carefully.

EP44  Wednesday November 8 2023
Nov. 08,2023
Wednesday November 8 2023

Tracy makes an announcement. Michael is relieved. Austin is cagey. Sonny shares shocking information with Ava. Sasha tries to mend a broken bond.

EP43  Tuesday November 7 2023
Nov. 07,2023
Tuesday November 7 2023

Sonny offers support to Anna. Robert offers an explanation. Gregory helps Alexis with an ethical issue. Sam is overjoyed. Curtis gets valuable advice.

EP42  Monday November 6 2023
Nov. 06,2023
Monday November 6 2023

Sam and Dante voice their concern. Finn is uneasy. Esme makes a confession. Chase puts his foot in his mouth. Valentin is horrified.

EP41  Friday November 3 2023
Nov. 03,2023
Friday November 3 2023

Willow opens up to Michael. Laura and Kevin debrief. Alexis senses a shift between Kristina and Molly. Sam checks on Carly. Valentin is alarmed.

EP40  Thursday November 2 2023
Nov. 02,2023
Thursday November 2 2023

Felicia delivers a gift to Anna. Trina commends Spencer. Charlotte is on a mission. Sonny reassures Michael. Maxie delivers big news.

EP39  Wednesday November 1 2023
Nov. 01,2023
Wednesday November 1 2023

Halloween kicks off in Port Charles. Ava gets an offer. Robert and Scott clash. Carly issues a warning. Lois encourages Eddie.

EP38  Tuesday October 31 2023
Oct. 31,2023
Tuesday October 31 2023

Anna makes a move. Laura seeks Sonny's help. Cyrus pays an unwanted visit. Trina has a nightmare. Valentin and Charlotte strike a deal.

EP37  Monday October 30 2023
Oct. 30,2023
Monday October 30 2023

Austin drowns his sorrows. Sonny has a warm reunion. Laura and Ava catch up. Liz and Finn get closer. Olivia defends Eddie.

EP36  Friday October 27 2023
Oct. 27,2023
Friday October 27 2023

Elizabeth learns a new skill, Alexis and Laura catch up, and TJ is disappointed. Meanwhile, Trina comes face-to-face with Cyrus, and Austin loses his cool.

EP35  Thursday October 26 2023
Oct. 26,2023
Thursday October 26 2023

Curtis is livid; Sonny and Dante have a heart-to-heart, and Josslyn is outraged. Meanwhile, Felicia makes a costly mistake, and Cody is given food for thought.

EP34  Wednesday October 25 2023
Oct. 25,2023
Wednesday October 25 2023

Willow and Obrecht catch up, Dante checks on Cody, and Nina is blindsided. Meanwhile, Carly gets unsettling news, and Maxie shares her professional opinion.

EP33  Tuesday October 24 2023
Oct. 24,2023
Tuesday October 24 2023

Laura confronts Scott, Cyrus delivers a threat, and Lucy seeks out Tracy. Meanwhile, Michael ponders a big decision, and Nina chews out Martin.

EP32  Monday October 23 2023
Oct. 23,2023
Monday October 23 2023

Brook Lynn is stunned. Cody voices his gratitude. Tracy flexes her authority. Portia and Cyrus come face-to-face. Sonny confronts Selina.

EP31  Friday October 20 2023
Oct. 20,2023
Friday October 20 2023

Alexis is disheartened. Spencer and Esme argue. Dante is frustrated. Valentin surprises Charlotte. Diane and Robert have a heart-to-heart.

EP30  Thursday October 19 2023
Oct. 19,2023
Thursday October 19 2023

Finn offers a romantic proposal. Maxie seeks guidance from Felicia. Laura becomes the confidante of Valentin. Jordan faces a confrontation with Portia. Gregory has doubts.

EP29  Wednesday October 18 2023
Oct. 18,2023
Wednesday October 18 2023

Lois addresses Tracy directly while Austin questions Dex. Blaze confides in Kristina, and Portia and Curtis address their problems head-on.

EP28  Tuesday October 17 2023
Oct. 17,2023
Tuesday October 17 2023

Lois meets Chase. Eddie gets a talking-to. Josslyn panics. Cyrus issues a warning. Ava is in grave danger.

EP27  Monday October 16 2023
Oct. 16,2023
Monday October 16 2023

Blaze surprises Kristina, Sasha makes a revelation, and Carly opens up to Sam. Then, Michael plays dirty, and Maxie and Lucy consider naming a new Face of Deception.

EP26  Friday October 13 2023
Oct. 13,2023
Friday October 13 2023

Selina visits Curtis, Portia shares career news, and Joss and Dex seek Spinelli's help. Then, Michael is left reeling and Sonny and Nina's wedding day arrives.

EP25  Thursday October 12 2023
Oct. 12,2023
Thursday October 12 2023

Josslyn is blindsided, concerns about Ava grow, and Austin is blackmailed. Meanwhile, Willow is unsettled, and Scott takes on a new client.

EP24  Wednesday October 11 2023
Oct. 11,2023
Wednesday October 11 2023

Stella acclimates Felicia, Lois returns, and Trina catches up with Curtis and Marshall. Then, Elizabeth makes a confession, and Spencer gets an update on Nikolas.

EP23  Monday October 9 2023
Oct. 09,2023
Monday October 9 2023

Chase opens up, Nina gets a welcome surprise, and Finn warns Gregory. Meanwhile, Cyrus suffers a setback, and Lucy makes a big decision.

EP22  Friday October 6 2023
Oct. 06,2023
Friday October 6 2023

Michael and Willow ponder a decision, Carly is shaken, and Anna makes a request. Meanwhile, Nina shares news with Valentin, and Kristina is filled with anticipation.

EP21  Thursday October 5 2023
Oct. 05,2023
Thursday October 5 2023

Spencer and Trina affirm their feelings, Sonny issues a threat, and Tracy has a slip of the tongue. Meanwhile, Valentin surprises Anna, and Sasha is in danger.

EP20  Monday October 2 2023
Oct. 02,2023
Monday October 2 2023

Valentin confers with Martin, Kevin shares his theory, and Laura is insistent. Meanwhile, Anna voices her suspicions, and Gladys is in the hot seat.

EP19  Friday September 29 2023
Sep. 29,2023
Friday September 29 2023

Sonny and Nina have a heart-to-heart. Michael confers with Carly. Willow is rattled. Laura makes a realization. Ava receives an unwelcome visitor.

EP18  Thursday September 28 2023
Sep. 28,2023
Thursday September 28 2023

Cyrus takes a meeting, Ava and Josslyn find common ground, and Mac offers reassurance. Meanwhile, Cody loses his cool, and Sasha feels betrayed.

EP17  Wednesday September 27 2023
Sep. 27,2023
Wednesday September 27 2023

Eddie and Olivia share a charged moment. Sam and Dante fill in Chase. Michael is anxious. Kristina is insistent. Sasha unleashes her anger.

EP16  Tuesday September 26 2023
Sep. 26,2023
Tuesday September 26 2023

Sonny voices his regret. Carly confronts Ava. Chase makes an arrest. Gladys is frantic. Finn encourages Anna.

EP15  Monday September 25 2023
Sep. 25,2023
Monday September 25 2023

Elizabeth updates Carly. Portia apologizes. Sonny races to the hospital. Valentin unveils a surprise. Jake makes a confession.

EP14  Friday September 22 2023
Sep. 22,2023
Friday September 22 2023

Curtis voices his reservations. Spencer and Trina are filled with anticipation. Drew is targeted. Kristina makes a new friend. Molly gets welcome news.

EP13  Thursday September 21 2023
Sep. 21,2023
Thursday September 21 2023

Drew updates Carly. Diane meets with Robert. Anna hits a dead end. Sam asks Willow for a favor. Valentin seeks out Dante.

EP12  Wednesday September 20 2023
Sep. 20,2023
Wednesday September 20 2023

Brook Lynn rebukes Tracy. Lucy and Maxie clash. Nina treads carefully. Cody apologizes. Liz and Finn weigh in on Gregory's care.

EP11  Tuesday September 19 2023
Sep. 19,2023
Tuesday September 19 2023

Marshall is adamant. Eddie books a gig. Portia feels left out. Sonny cautions Dex. Anna gets a visitor.

EP10  Monday September 18 2023
Sep. 18,2023
Monday September 18 2023

Valentin gets a shock. Martin is in the hot seat. Brook Lynn makes a confession. Marshall is concerned. Nina offers assistance.

EP9  Friday September 15 2023
Sep. 15,2023
Friday September 15 2023

Martin encounters an unsettling sight. Spencer approaches Alexis with a request. Carly offers some unsolicited counsel to Ava. Trina and Josslyn have an argument. Valentin is confronted by Anna.

EP8  Thursday September 14 2023
Sep. 14,2023
Thursday September 14 2023

Sasha is taken aback. Austin beseeches Ava. Dante expresses his regret. Carly and Drew devise a strategy.

EP7  Wednesday September 13 2023
Sep. 13,2023
Wednesday September 13 2023

Maxie is a combative person. Dante and Sam shook their heads. Tracy will not budge. Jordan is looking for answers. Carly interrogates Sonny.

EP6  Tuesday September 12 2023
Sep. 12,2023
Tuesday September 12 2023

Sonny admits to something. Gladys receives disturbing news. Chase's interest is piqued. Liz notices Jake maturing. Michael comes for an unexpected visit.

EP5  Monday September 11 2023
Sep. 11,2023
Monday September 11 2023

Sonny's loved ones rally around him. Maxie briefs Felicia. Esme makes herself scarce. TJ and Molly make an announcement. Spencer makes a romantic gesture.

EP4  Friday September 8 2023
Sep. 08,2023
Friday September 8 2023

Dex opens up to Josslyn. Anna is apologetic. Eddie Maine is in his element. Cody has a revelation. Ava gives advice to Nina.

EP3  Thursday September 7
Sep. 07,2023
Thursday September 7

Sam comes clean. Mac is determined. Trina confides in Josslyn. Gregory loses his nerve. Molly and Kristina clash.

EP2  Wednesday September 6 2023
Sep. 06,2023
Wednesday September 6 2023

Kristina and Dante commiserate. Cody is on a mission. Anna follows Valentin. Alexis is blunt with Nina. TJ and Molly are hopeful.

EP1  Tuesday September 5 2023
Sep. 05,2023
Tuesday September 5 2023

Sonny is in the hot seat. Diane is called to action. Ava presses Mason. Cyrus toys with Drew. Carly wants answers.

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