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Emergency Bikers

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EP6  Episode 6
May. 29,2013

Portsmouth biker paramedic Allan is on his way to a man complaining of chest pains. But, when he arrives, it soon becomes clear that his patient needs more help that Allan can give. The man is an alcoholic and refuses to go to hospital. After making some shocking discoveries, Allan alerts the authorities, in a case that demands understanding and compassion rather than medical treatment. Fellow paramedic Robin gets a 999 call to a cyclist who has been hit by a car. She is struggling to remember what happened, which could mean anything from concussion to brain damage. As there is also a risk of neck and spinal injuries, Robin needs to act fast. As the biker cops in Essex are on the prowl for drivers behaving badly, a van grabs PC Martin Ackers’ attention. Someone somewhere may have to go without their food delivery. In Cornwall, biker paramedic Iain has rushed to a man suffering from agonising chest pains. He has angina but a self-medication plan he usually follows is not doing the trick. Iain is worried that the man may be having a heart attack and he is not prepared to risk the patient’s condition deteriorating any further.

EP5  Episode 5
May. 22,2013

In Portsmouth, an elderly former nurse is found stranded on the floor after a fall, and paramedic Allan must get her to hospital. Fellow paramedic Robin rushes to the aid of a man suffering an aortic aneurism. In Cornwall, Sarah tries to prevent a woman from slipping into a diabetic coma, while in North Yorkshire, Smithy has a word with three biker boys.

EP4  Episode 4
May. 15,2013

Saturday night in Portsmouth is party time with pubs and clubs overflowing. Unfortunately, the party has turned sour for one young woman, who has sustained a serious head injury. Biker paramedic Robin has a difficult job tending her, as she has been drinking and does not want to be parted from her boyfriend, and she keeps blacking out. It takes police intervention before Robin can get her safely into the back of an ambulance. On a wet and wild morning in Essex, biker cop Ackers is on patrol on the A12. Usually he allows some discretion to drivers in the fast-moving traffic, today’s weather is grim and he is cracking down. Soon he is onto a Mondeo travelling at 100 mph. Meanwhile, biker cop Ray pulls over a van after spotting the driver chatting on his mobile phone. For the driver, his transgression proves more and more expensive as checks reveal one fault after another. In North Yorkshire, rush hour is approaching at the UK’s biggest coal-fired power station. The 700 workers are about to head home, but an HGV has toppled over and is blocking the road. Biker cop Lee Cobb has to work out what happened, get the lorry moved and the road cleared, but there is a hitch and the job is going to take longer than Lee hoped. Tempers being to fray as the traffic builds and builds…

EP3  Episode 3
May. 08,2013

During rush hour in North Yorkshire, biker cop Smithy is on his way to attend a crash. A white van has veered across the white line, but, thanks to one driver’s quick reactions, a potential disaster has been avoided. Smithy soon learns that this is more than simple driver error, however, when he discovers that the van driver is drunk.

EP2  Episode 2
May. 01,2013

Biker paramedic Allan Norman helps a tourist in Portsmouth.

EP1  Episode 1
Apr. 24,2013

The Essex biker cops deal with an uncooperative festival-goer.


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