2014 "Boys will be boys... but better"
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Zoey is a talented dancer whose organized life is rudely disrupted when she moves in with her new step-dad and three step-brothers, until she discovers a dog-training app that can get boys to obey her every command. But she soon learns that it isn't the cure-all she had hoped for.

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WillSushyMedia This movie was so-so. It had it's moments, but wasn't the greatest.
TaryBiggBall It was OK. I don't see why everyone loves it so much. It wasn't very smart or deep or well-directed.
Humaira Grant It’s not bad or unwatchable but despite the amplitude of the spectacle, the end result is underwhelming.
Portia Hilton Blistering performances.
Reno Rangan I did not know why there was so much hate on this film. I never give any preference to those criticisms. Instead, I always prefer taking chances and that's how I saw this film. I was not expecting much. Like usual any Disney films, I thought it would be fun, but my prediction went totally wrong. I am really sorry to join those criticisers, but this film is the worst I have seen in many years. Seeing the bad films are part of my watch, but I never expected this low. The last time I rated this low probably half a decade ago.There's nothing much different in the story comparing with other Disney films such as the recent 'Adventures in Babysitting' and 'The Swap'. But those films fared decently, while this one was utterly crap. Firstly, the cast was unbelievable. It was totally a disaster, including the lead, Zendaya. The only bright spot was the Chanelle Peloso.Especially the mean girl was very annoying. Not as a character, but as an actor with her character execution.The film was based on the book called 'Boys are Dogs'. But the narration was very slow in the film, it took forever between each scene. Only by dragging the film got past the 90 minutes, otherwise it is an hour long film. Only her fans might enjoy it. Not even the little kids or the grown-ups would do that, so I totally recommend to stay away from it. I never used such words that I wrote here for my reviews. I regret for that, but the fact remains that the film is not good, not even average, only very bad.2/10
rockyroseling Where do I begin? I have no idea where to start with this. Perhaps, I should look at the biggest problem with this movie.It's sexist. Very sexist. It makes boys look really nerdy or really gross or another over-the-top cliché and makes the girls look perfect or at least better than the boys. The acting is bad, especially Zendaya. Zendaya is so untalented. She's not a good singer or actor, so why is she known for those things? The actors don't even seem like they're trying to put any effort in.The premise is dumb. She downloads an app that is supposed to help control dogs, but she does something and the phone then goes through a weird series of events that make the phone.... control boys? That's... random. It's not like the process it went through had anything to do with boys. It doesn't make a lot of sense.Basically, it's a sexist film with a dumb premise and terrible actors. I don't understand how anyone would think that was a good idea.
u-l-t-r-a-n-o-o-b-e-r Objectification and misogyny are some of the buzz words that feminists use to describe men's attitude towards women. Feminists complain about objectification all the time, but at least women are venerated by men when they are done so; they become a valued ornament thus, in reality, there is no misogyny. The "objectified" males in this movie are compared to dogs; they are stupid, hyper, and slobs. Therefore the hatred towards men is very clear and, in this case, misandry and objectification are highly intertwined. As a man, I cannot help but to feel that this is the worldview through a women's eye when I watch this movie; a gynocentric lens of the world through a woman's passive aggressive hatred of men. And when they describe misogyny, it's actually a Freudian slip of their own opinion of the opposite gender. The first quarter of this movie describes how the main character is hampered by careless, stupid guys, and socially defamed by other girls who somehow, and unrealistically, have social notoriety over her. The girl is concerned with superficial events and looks and... it's basically a teen movie for girls. But where this movie goes too far is how men are portrayed. It's no surprising that this a TV movie, since most males dropped television in favor for the internet and video games almost two decades ago, and the only people left watching television are women and girls. The rating demographics speak for itself. Anyone rating this more than a 5 is a radical feminist, or one in the making. The only thing good about this movie is the production value is fairly high for a TV movie and the people are attractive.
Kkce0403 Wow. Really, Disney channel had to do this? When I saw the commercial for zapped i was pretty excited to see the movie, full of dancing and girls ruling the school ;). But that's the opposite of zapped. Summary--- Zoey's mom is marrying a man who was three sons and a huge dog and poor zoey is stuck in the middle. But when she finally moves in, the boys are nasty and drive Zoey crazy. Once she gets to school, she gets up close with the annoying, immature farting boys (Cliché ALERT) Then, she meets a nerd,of course..(Cliché ALERT) who helps her avoid the boys. She accidentally ends up in the wrong place and the teacher asks the cute guy to helps her find the class. Oy Vey. Then, it's heard from the lead popular girl that thats her ex- boyfriend. Must I go on?